Logo design

A good logo is easily remembered and evokes vivid feelings. A logo is a visual symbol of a company or brand by which it can be unmistakably identified. Sometimes it is also called a trademark.

Logo creation is an important step in creating a brand’s visual identity. The logo reflects the company’s mission and values.

Like any other design element, a logo is often judged subjectively on a “like it or not” basis, usually with color or shape. However, there are also objective criteria for evaluating a logo:

  • Does the logo reflect the company’s activities or the main features of the product?
  • Is it identical to other already existing logos and is it easily remembered?
  • Is it well perceived on different media, in color, black and white form, small and large sizes?
  • Does it have a harmonious composition and color gamut, whether it causes visual rejection, and whether it goes well with other visual elements or not?

Logos are classified as: symbolic, textual (alphabetic, numeric, or alphanumeric), graphic, combined, etc.

The talented designers of the ”Sparsis” agency will create a logo for your company, product, or service that will stand out, be remembered, and evoke positive associations.

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