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Logo design

A logo is a visual symbol of a company or brand by which it can be unmistakably identified. Sometimes it is also called a trademark. Logo creation is an important step in creating a brand identity. It reflects the company’s mission and values.

Like any other design element, a logo is often subjectively judged on a like-or-dislike basis, usually in terms of color or shape. However, there are also objective criteria for evaluating logo design:

  • Does the logo reflect the company’s activities or the main features of the product?
  • Is it not identified with other logos and remembered?
  • Is it well perceived on different media, in color backgrounds, black and white, small and large sizes?
  • Does it have a harmonious composition and color gamut and does not cause visual rejection and does not conflict with other visual elements?!

Logos are classified as symbolic, textual (alphabetic, numeric or alphanumeric), graphic, combined, etc. During logo creation, “Sparsis” team always takes into account both the specifics of the given field, and the wishes of the customer.

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