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Outdoor & print advertising

Outdoor advertising has an important place among the advertising services provided by marketing companies. It is considered one of the oldest forms of advertising, but it continues to be a viable advertising platform today. The main emphasis of outdoor advertising is, of course, based on visual impact, that is, to attract and communicate information through the visual receptor.

The most relevant types of print advertising are the distribution of advertising content through mass media: daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, magazines, other publications with a certain professional orientation, booklets, leaflets and other media.

Our company considers design as an important and decisive factor in the preparation of printed advertisements. That is, how well the prepared material is visible, perceptible and pleasing to the eye, because the reading and perception of the textual content of the printed advertisement is mainly related to the competent combination of the image and the text.

We implement:

  • Advertising design,
  • Design of promotional materials,
  • Design of booklets,
  • Flyer design,
  • External advertising design.

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