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Product design & packaging

Brand development and promotion depend not only on customers, suppliers, and distributors but also on design companies. Design has a direct impact on product sales. According to marketers, about 70% of purchase decisions take place right at the store shelves. The functional task of product packaging is to protect the product during transportation and storage.

The marketing goals are:

  • To inform.
  • To display.
  • To make it different from others.
  • To create a series.
  • To convey the consumer experience.
  • To sell.

The creation of a product and packaging design consist of several stages, the right sequence of which is important. Those stages are:

  • Product research.
  • Comparison with analogs on the market.
  • Solving the problem of product practicality.
  • Assessment of consumer segment requirements.
  • Concept development.
  • Implementation.

Contact ”Sparsis” Marketing Agency and our talented designers will create an original packaging design for your product.

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