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Event Organization

On January 26, 2024, a phygital football tournament was held for the first time in Armenia. The tournament consisted of two parts: first the players competed on PlayStation, then on a real field. 8 teams participated in the tournament. Phygital sport is an innovative direction where fans of digital games also compete at real sports. The Phygital football tournament in Armenia was organized by the Sparsis team. Our team completed the following tasks: choosing the venue for the event and selecting participating teams, branding the territory, creating commercial pages on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), design and management of pages (SMM), creating informational videos, holding games and award ceremony, providing live broadcast.
Phygital football tournament
Phygital football tournament organization
Football Tournament
Phygital football
Phygital tournament
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Phygital Games
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Football tournament
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Soccer Tournament
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Phygital Gamers
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Phygital Event Organization by Sparsis
Event Organization by Sparsis
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Social media post related to soccer tournament
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