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Full Marketing

“Wellkauf” is one of the international projects of the Sparsis company. This is an Online Shopping & Selling platform for Germany and Austria. From real estate to home accessories, from vehicles to garden tools and animals – you can buy or sell on the Wellkauf website. Sparsis team provides comprehensive marketing services for this project: market research, development of a strategy to increasement of brand awareness, social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), design services, video filming, development and implementation of advertising campaigns. The list of services is not limited to this, since the package of comprehensive marketing services of the Sparsis company includes a wide range of tools that are used based on the development strategy.
Wellkauf - Listing Platform
Wellkauf - Listing Platform
Wellkauf platform for listings
Wellkauf online listings
Wellkauf online marketplace
Wellkauf online listings
Wellkauf business listings
Wellkauf listing portal
Wellkauf online listings
Wellkauf Icons
Wellkauf business listings platform
Wellkauf listing management
Wellkauf Product Listings
Wellkauf listing services
Wellkauf product catalog
Wellkauf online listings
Wellkauf digital listings platform
Wellkauf service provider listings
Wellkauf listings
Wellkauf product listings platform

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